Keeping ourselves hydrated helps our bodies perform and function well. This is because fluids help direct the nutrients to where it needs to go. Plus, it helps get rid of toxins or waste that needs to be expelled in our bodies. Studies show that hydration affects how well our brain functions. From kids to adults, every person should have a healthy amount of fluid in their system to do daily activities well. The amount of fluid intake you should have depends on your activity, physical condition, body type, and temperature. So, it’s always best to keep fluid resources within our reach.

We may not always appreciate it, but there are plenty of benefits when it comes to regularly hydrating yourself. It affects your brain performance because even the slightest hydration can affect your mood and concentration. Having enough fluids in your body helps regulate its temperature, keep joints well lubricated, prevent infections and aids your organs to function properly. Another significant benefit to hydrating is that it drastically helps your body detoxify and remove waste through sweat, urination, and bowel movements. When you can remove these toxic wastes from your body, this can make your organs strong and healthy.

Avoid getting yourself dehydrated. Make sure you are getting enough fluids that is appropriate for you and your activity. Most especially if you’re active or if you’re in a high temperature area. When one is dehydrated, they experience symptoms such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, dry mouth and eyes, irritability, and rapid heartbeat. If a person's urine appears to be dark yellow, then that could be a sign of dehydration. One can even experience delirium or confusion. Once those symptoms are factored in, hydration must be done right away to recover fast. So, the key is to make sure you always have something to drink whenever and wherever you go. That’s why a simple electrolyte drink can do wonders for your body.

How do these drinks work? These contain electrolytes that aid your body in delivering the nutrients your body needs to function well or recover from dehydration. Think of it as boosted water. They work faster and better than drinking regular water. They contain powerful ingredients such as sodium chloride, glucose, citric acid, and potassium citrate. Sodium chloride works by aiding the body in absorbing nutrients. Glucose maintains your body's working condition. Citric acid enhances the bioavailability of nutrients so they can be absorbed better. Lastly, potassium citrate works by helping your kidney expel uric acid. What’s great about these drinks is that they can also come in oral rehydration solution packets.

These packets are handy especially if you’re on the go. They can fit in your bag or even your jogging pouch if you’re planning to go for a run. So, the convenience these packets have gives you flexibility on when and where you want to take them. These ready to drink hydration solutions come in a twistable cap for easy drinking and storage. They come in 100ml or 250ml sizes which gives you options depending on the activity you’re on. So, whether you've just finished a long workout, a hangover, or if you're trying to recover from an illness, these packets are packed with the hydration power you'll need in an instant.

Hydrating with a simple electrolyte drink is not just a lifestyle choice, it greatly helps in providing the body enough nutrients and fluids to keep it in tip top shape. So, get yourself stocked up on these powerful electrolyte packets. Make sure you get enough for your daily hydration needs so your body can keep up with any activity you may be in. It may be for work, travel, school, sports, or for recovering from an illness. What are you waiting for? Get your hydration on!