Human bodies largely consist of water. It’s important to keep in mind that as people, we do a lot of activities that keep us thirsty. From working out, staying out under the sun, drinking with friends, or even when we get sick. Our bodies work a lot and therefore need to be refueled with plenty of fluids again to work smoothly. Rehydrating is a must for working people, children and even pregnant women!

It’s important for a woman with child to sustain their health. Frequently eating nutritious food and maintaining the right amount of water consumption is optimal to keep the mother and child in great shape. For pregnant women, one important thing to look out for is dehydration. There are plenty of things that an expectant mother experiences that causes such. Nausea, morning sickness, labor, and maternal overheating can contribute to a loss of a large amount of water. Another cause is due to the body's heavy reliance on water to aid in the making of the placenta.

Oral rehydration solution for pregnant women is suitable for them because it is inexpensive, safe, and delivers results right away. Having these makes rehydrating much easier and quicker! Therefore, an expectant mother can start taking these products at home as soon as the signs of dehydration appear. Oral rehydration solution products contain glucose, citrate, chloride, potassium, and sodium. They are all necessary to quickly rehydrate the body. After losing electrolytes after experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

Not only does it benefit an expectant mother but having an oral rehydration solution stocked up in your fridge has a purpose for every type of lifestyle. From doing keto, fasting, sports, or even just having a headache. Because keto diet has the absence of carbs, insulin levels remain lower, which may cause the kidneys to discharge important electrolytes including sodium, potassium, and others. So, increasing the consumption of these electrolytes by diet or other supplementation is important for those on this type of diet!

If you’re wondering why electrolyte drinks are popular among the sports community, it’s because electrolytes in those drinks help balance the fluid in the body and the additional carbs provide the energy. So, it’s a great way to recover and replenish after a sports activity.

Now, we wonder, how do electrolytes help a headache? The pumps that control sodium, potassium, and calcium become distressed when our electrolytes are out of balance, which can result in a migraine. Giving yourself an oral rehydration solution can give you a quick recovery to help your body get the electrolyte balance it needs.

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