When you get to the camping spot and it's time to find a good location to erect the swag, here are a few issues to take into consideration.

Probably the most dangerous elements for a camper in the bush is the exact thing that people all head down to appreciate, the actual trees!

Each year, particularly burke and wills swags in warm weather, huge limbs split and drop off a variety of trees that you will find in our awesome bushland. Consequently, this will be the most important element you should be trying to find! A location to erect your trusty swag clear of huge trees, as well as over dangling limbs.

A lot of people become caught out camping underneath such trees. Given that they resemble such inviting spots to camp because of the cover from the sun they throw, but you shouldn't fall for it! Every year people end up getting badly injured not to mention slain due to dropping limbs.

The next thing to be aware of is the pitch of the terrain. Though it may well seem to be level it almost never is. When you have identified what direction the incline falls, set your swag in place having top of your head end towards the uphill slope therefore you will end up a lot more comfy.

Otherwise your blood runs towards the top of your head. Or you move down the hill against the side of your swag if you set up in some other way. This can definitely give you an unpleasant night's slumber!

Another important aspect to erecting the swag, will be to consider the place that the water is going to run if it chooses to rain. If you find a depression in the ground the water could pool exactly where you have chosen to assemble the Assie swag.

You really do not need to wake up in the middle of the evening to discover water in your Assie swag, while a brief scan as you set the swag in place could certainly prevent it.

Generally a camping swag leaks because of the water flows down below or against the camping swag and then bit by bit seeps throughout the material surfaces. A small trench dug surrounding a couple of sides of your camping swag on the uphill side can help deflect water surrounding the swag.

Make sure you clear out the location you will pitch the camping swag. Be sure you check out the ground for branches and rocks that could pierce the bottom of your swag, and might also generate your night's snooze extremely unpleasant.

Also look for whatever overhanging limbs about smaller sized trees, these types of twigs could drop sticky sap onto the camping swag as well as birds equally love to take a seat on these branches and also poo on your swag.

The handful of suggestions mentioned here are unquestionably practical and will help in keeping you safe and sound, cozy, dry as well as your swag in good condition.

Coming from burke and wills swags all my many years of camping with various class of men. I have observed one more and quite necessary point; be sure to set up the swag completely along with every bit linen prepared for sleeping in, before you open your first ale.

A swag is an extremely basic item to pitch, yet I have seen with wonderful humor quite a few men that attempt to set their swag up soon after enjoying just a few too many drinks and typically finally end up asleep on top of the swag in a messed up pile. They will often get up damp and ice cold wishing they had made their camping swag up well before that they cracked their initial can!