Having physical activity for your family contributes to wellness not only for the body but also for the mind. This applies most especially to children because it’s vital to do so since they are in their growing stage. Exercising, playing, participating in sports is a big contributor in their early development stages. That’s why it’s important to keep them active and healthy. So, as parents, we should let them have the freedom to explore and be part of physical activities they are interested in.

Kids are naturally energetic; therefore, they would often look for activities that they can exert their energy to. They enjoy being mobile and lively. With that, it’s good to note that as people who take care of them, we should also balance their nutrition to keep them in good shape. Regularly hydrating them is key to making these young ones functioning well. When their bodies are sustained with fluids, they can keep proper oxygen flowing in their system. Which is good to keep them growing strong and healthy!

As parents, we want the best for our kids. So, we want to prevent them from getting sick. One thing we have to keep in mind to avoid this is to continue giving them hydration. If these little ones don’t get enough fluids in their system, they could be affected by dehydration. This comes with symptoms such as being thirsty, cold hands or feet, paleness, sunken eyes, dry mouth or lips, confusion and dizziness, and having less urination. These are all symptoms that are preventable through regular hydration and even more effective with electrolyte ice blocks

If a child becomes dehydrated, plenty of things can come down for the whole family. They might have to stay in bed for recovery, which can affect their daily activities such as school or play. Appetite can even be affected and could affect their growth and development. All of the things we wouldn’t want them to experience. A good solution once they are experiencing these symptoms is to boost up their recovery with rehydration ice blocks.

These rehydration ice blocks are a great source for electrolytes which contribute to balancing our young one’s bodies. It works by directing the nutrients in the body towards where it should be or where it is needed the most. Which beats drinking regular water since it only contains small traces of electrolytes. So, handing over an electrolyte ice block can speed up their recovery time from dehydration.

These irresistible electrolyte ice blocks are handy if you want to give your child a treat and at the same time a boost to their immune system. With the different flavours on offer, they can choose from Orange or Apple Raspberry! A convenient go-to icy treat when your kid feels thirsty or when they even start to feel sick. Once they have this, your child won’t just enjoy the taste of these mouthwatering goodies, but their bodies will get the electrolytes it needs.

Being prepared for your child’s activities and possible situations is part of the parenting job. So, it’s good to stock up these tasty ice blocks in your fridge to lessen your worry about parenthood. Plus, you won’t even have to worry about giving it to them because they’ll likely ask you for more of these delicious ice blocks! Worry less for your kids and spend more time with them by keeping them active and healthy.